Travelling Timmy

Back in the \’Ore Mountains, lookin\’ fer slags.

Today is the day to buy a desk and a chair! Woo Hoo!

More typing when I don\’t have to sit on the floor to do it.

10 thoughts on “Travelling Timmy”

  1. Are you still in Germany? You’ll probably need a business permit to buy a desk. Not a huge problem though; you just need a form from the Chamber of Commerce (Monday afternoons) stamped by the local council (Friday mornings).

  2. Surely you can get a pre-loved, ex-stasi desk with permit that has the option of built in microphone or drainage channels ( de-luxe model has both)…

  3. @Nick – problem is all the former East German desk ownership and transfer licenses were declared invalid upon reunification – though those with even serial numbers issued at most Volksschreibtischerwerbsundveräußerungsämter (except those in east Berlin) were considered acceptable for a transitional period of 6 months or 2 years depending on the combination of your tax class, registered religion, and number of children.

  4. @JamesV
    I’m sorry to say you are misinformed. All desk regulations in place on the date of re-unification have been superseded, (see: et seqq.) the main thrust of which is to ensure that these regulations are applied throughout the European market.
    However, in view of the numbers and age of the desks remaining in the Former Eastern Germany, local committees have been formed to review the granting of licenses under these provisions. None have so far reported. It is therefore, not possible to purchase pre-used desks.

  5. @Nick, I think I shall go on strike until I get a diskette drive. But they’ll probably downgrade my monitor in retaliation.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    dearieme – “Desk? Whatever happened to bricks and boards?”

    Bricks and boards? Loooxury! When I were a lad all we had were two matchboxes and some used match sticks.

    And we were damn grateful to get that!

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