Well, yes, this would happen, obviously

Couples with young children will be hardest-hit by changes in the tax and benefit system, with the typical family losing more than £1,200 over five years, a new study has estimated.

The benefits system,whatever you think of it it, is aimed at being most generous to couples with young children.

Thus any limitation of that system is almost certainly going to hit couples with young children the most.

Those who get the most from the current system will lose the most when the system is shrunk sort of thing?

2 thoughts on “Well, yes, this would happen, obviously”

  1. The headline misrepresents both the article and the IFS presentation the article is based on. The cuts hit families with children, not couples.

    The welfare system is (as a result of deliberate Labour policy which IDS will partially reverse with Universal Credit) dramatically more generous to single parent families than couple families. The IFS presentation does not make the distinction, although I expect that single parents will be hit harder than couples for the reason you point out.

  2. In the same way progressive taxation means the lefties can scream blue murder over any reduction in tax rates, because it’s “benefitting the rich” far more than the poor.

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