Can she not see the blithering idiocy of this?

This is a vegan explaining why she is a vegan.

I find discrimination on the grounds of species as distasteful as discrimination on the grounds of race or sex.

So to show how appalling discrimination between species is as to which you might eat you are going to discriminate between species as to which you might eat?


The correct name for someone who does not discriminate between species to eat is omnivore.

30 thoughts on “Can she not see the blithering idiocy of this?”

  1. Hummus? Doesn’t come from wells (but we’ll allow her that little bit of hyperbole) instead is made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

    That’s the species Cicer arietinum, Sesamum indicum, Olea europaea, Citrus limon and Allium sativum she’s discriminating against just in that one little mouthful.

  2. If she thinks it’s wrong to discriminate between species, that implies that it’s wrong for the police to discriminate so they should be spending as much time on the murders of mice by cats, and little beetles by big beetles, as humans by humans. (And, incidentally, once you’ve caught and convicted a cat, or another member of a carnivorous species, what should the prison system feed them on?)

  3. A slightly more rational version of her position would be “discrimination between living beings at the level of species is as illegitimate as discrimination at the level of race, but discrimination at the level of kingdom is OK”. Thus she is allowed to eat plants and use antibiotics against bacteria. She is, however, left with the question of why we don’t try lions in court for murdering gazelles.

    Interestingly the standard position in UK law is to applying increasing discrimination at four levels: phylum (vertebrates have more rights than non-vertebrates), order (primates), family (hominidae) and species (homo sapiens). I suspect we might also put a division point at genus (homo) if it weren’t for the fact that all other species are extinct.

  4. What Tracy said.

    But also, the benefits system is highly species discriminatory; animals do not seem able to claim unemployment benefit or (for working animals) tax credits.

    Nor are working animals entitled to the minimum wage.

    Perhaps I should stop here, otherwise people will start lobbying for benefits for beetles.

  5. Look at it the other way round – there are campaigns insisting that you neuter your cats, but anytime people mention that some chav, ned or senga should be prevented from breeding they’re denounced as heartless eugenicists. And isn’t eugenics the whole focus of dog breeding?

    There’s plenty of mileage in this one.

  6. And the spelling of her Christian name. Although she probably doesn’t think it should be called her Christian name.

    Still, nice/interesting to see the Guardian commentariat having a good laugh at her.

    £50 says her position is law within 40 years.

  7. All Guardianista lefties should become vegan. They deserve to eat lentils and cardboard for the rest of their miserable lives.

  8. Whoa. She’s a vegan for a very obvious reason…

    One look at her photo and you can bet that anything animal is going to run in the opposite direction the minute they see her. She probably got tired of her Chicken McNuggets fleeing on her.

  9. I find discrimination on the grounds of species as distasteful as discrimination on the grounds of race or sex.

    Welshman and New Zealanders might be interested in this line of defence.

  10. I find green vegans a very hypocrtical lot. If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution and all the other technology around us, vegans wouldn’t be able to have their choice about eating only plants. They need to supplement their dietary intake with pills and such like only possible through technology as the human body is designed to eat meat as part of it’s diet. It could be argued at what level meat is really required, but none is not an option.

  11. SBML
    What you say about meat in the diet isn’t strictly true. A human can live on veg alone. The consequence of doing so looks a lot like the woman in the photo. The numbing of intellectual powers is, of course, self evident.

  12. Vegans: people who agonise over whether honey is an animal product or not.

    One of those awkward First World Dilemmas that assail so many in the west.

  13. “I find discrimination on the grounds of species as distasteful as discrimination on the grounds of race or sex.”

    Translation: I am way ahead of the crowd who just claim not to be racist or sexist.

    Standard Progressive position: avoid the herd at all costs.

  14. EVERYONE should read “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe” – Zaphod says “let’s meet the meat” who asks Arthur Dent, concerning the pain of being eaten, “have you ever asked a lettuce”?

  15. A human can live on veg alone

    Vegetarian, yes, it can be done, although it takes a lot more attention to your diet. Vegan, no. Eschewing all animal products – remember that includes milk, eggs, etc – means vitamin and mineral supplements are mandatory.

  16. This woman’s view is that if eating people is wrong then so is eating animals. And if eating animals is wrong, then so is consuming eggs and dairy products, because they have to do something with the boy calves and chicks. There’s nothing in that view that makes her a “blithering idiot” or “barking mad”: why are you all so anxious to insult her?

    The only supplement you need with a well-planned vegan diet is vitamin B12.

  17. No need to get so worked up about someone who treats animals differently than they treat plants.

    I am with the emperor Ashoka on vegetarianism – a fine and worthy principle.

  18. “There’s nothing in that view that makes her ……. “barking mad”.

    Would think owning a face like hers, then dyeing the hair day-glo red to draw attention to it, defines “barking mad” fairly accurately. The veganism just confirms the hypothesis.

  19. Half a billion Indians never eat meat ever, a few million of them are complete vegans, they have been like this since before the invention of vitamin supplements and out of season veg. Humans don’t need meat, though we do thrive on it.

  20. “Half a billion Indians never eat meat ever, a few million of them are complete vegans….”

    This is, indeed, true Mr Bonk. And visitors to the parts of India where this dietary regime is observed will find hoards of skinny little buggers grovelling around in their own shit.

  21. Vegetarianism is barking mad. I had a piece of Aberdeen Angus fillet steak the size of my fist for dinner last night. Could have eaten it with a butter knife it was so tender. Anyone who consciously eschews that is a nutcase.

    Plus, there is the Argumentum ad Arvinam, which is dispositive.

  22. Speciesist.

    Surely “racist” would be liking shrub poison ivy salad but not vine? Or, more reasonably, refusing purple basil despite loving green?

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