Cats and pigeons

Ireland has shocked Europe with plans for a referendum on the EU\’s fiscal treaty, a move that risks an unprecedented fragmentation of the eurozone and a major clash with Germany.

Put on the popcorn!

10 thoughts on “Cats and pigeons”

  1. “nice treaty you’ve got here, to be sure. Would be a shame if anything happened to it”.

    EU: “here’s hundreds of millions of euros we looted from other countries. Now make the referendum go away”.

    “oh, look, we don’t need a referendum after all, as it is a banana, not a treaty”.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    If only Rob, if only.

    I predict a new government in Ireland soon. With fewer than six German civil servants sitting in Cabinet.

  3. Not really cat amongst the pigeons.

    Ireland will be signing the treaty along with the others and having a retrospective referendum. Even if they say no it can still come into effect.

    From the Irish Times: “The Taoiseach said that he intended to sign the treaty at the weekend with all the heads of the EU in Brussels. In the coming weeks, he said the Government would finalise the arrangements and the process leading to the referendum, leading to the establishment of a referendum commission. No date was given for the poll.”

  4. It’s about time the Irish had a major clash with Germany, they sat out the last one quite shamefully. My dad went to school with people who lost their fathers because of the Irish taking back the treaty ports.

  5. Not so much a cat among the pigeons as a lamb among wolves. If the Irish (or anyone else for that matter) thinks that a mere bit of democracy can derail the Euro train, then they will be getting a rude awakening. They will be chewed up and spat out in little bits if they have the presumption to say ‘Nein’ to the Euro elite.

  6. ‘Ireland cannot stop the process since a quorum of 12 states brings the treaty into force, but it would be politically untenable to create a new euro-zone structure that left one member in limbo.’
    This is a non-story. It will matter not a jot whether Ireland votes or no, not a jot the outcome, as the ‘treaty’ will be long signed and over if and when a result comes in.
    Ireland has signed it’s Faustian pact, it’s fate is sealed, Europe owns it’s soul.
    The markets are suffering a bout of exhaustion, its just a matter of time before they get going again as the underlying causes have not gone away.

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