In which we see the power of Stephen Fry\’s Twitter following

Or not, as the case may be.

One of my posts at Forbes has been tweeted by that nice Mr. Fry to his 3. something million followers.

This one.

It\’ll be interesting to see the end result….especially given that I\’m paid on traffic over there.

10 thoughts on “In which we see the power of Stephen Fry\’s Twitter following”

  1. A mere 55,290 views so far … What’s happened to the follow-up piece? I get a 404 every time I try to look at the comments.

  2. Yes, the link to “Update: You might like this graphic representation of the argument about the Apple boycott” doesn’t seem to work.

  3. @Richard:

    stephenfry Stephen Fry
    Less than 25% of Foxconn make Apple products, the rest is Dell, HP &c. But the real point is this…

  4. I suspect he was just defending his beloved Apple, but I’d always hoped Stephen Fry had a nascent common sense. Maybe some will have rubbed off on his hysteria-loving followers.

  5. Thank you; I didn’t know one could Google Twitters. Isn’t Twitter just a form of mobile phone text message?

    But astonished that Fry is pro Chinese manufacturing.

  6. Anyway, sod the article, what about the effect.

    Okay, you got 71000 and pence views. Which compares to 735 for the (dull) billion euro house and 3500 for the Greek default articles either side. So a clear win for the power of the Fry?

    Maybe not so clear – a fraction of the 200+k views your Warren Buffett article got and not strikingly dissimilar from the 50k both the “China makes nothing” and “iPhone 4S Battery” articles got.

    So, not that extrapolating from a single point is sensible, you got 40% more views from being Fried than just for writing about Apple. Or, looking at it another (but equally unjustified) way, fewer than 1% of his followers clicked on the link.

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