Ms. Millar and logic

\”Schools are being cajoled and bullied out of the maintained sector based on a divisive and false prospectus, when the real English success story is the improvement, especially in deprived areas, of thousands of maintained schools.\”

Are you quite sure you actually meant to say this?

For what you\’ve said is that as maintained schools are opened to competition from non-maintained schools then maintained schools improve.

Which rather seems to argue in favour of opening maintained schools to competition from non-maintained schools, doesn\’t it?

1 thought on “Ms. Millar and logic”

  1. Whilst I’m heartened to think that the state run school sector is improving in the eyes of those who so assiduosly promote it, my experience in the real world of employment across a number of skill sets leads me to doubt it.
    Year after year my independent garage business is bombarded with requests from desperate teachers looking to park teenage train wrecks with us for a couple of weeks. These unfortunate youngsters have ‘expressed an interest in the motor trade’ (tr. helped wash an uncles car once last year, found it too much like hard work). Universally, their self esteem is low, their 3R’s embarrassingly deficient and with no idea what the real world is like. The most difficult thing to come to terms with is the fact that they are pathetically receptive to person to person attention. It is quite clear that they are dismissed as a nuisance at home and brushed off by the people who should be doing the most for them.
    I am wholly against promoting schools as surrogate parents, but in a Gimme-Gimme environment where the state is tirelessly held out as omnipotent and beneficial I don’t hold hold out much hope that things will change. A little sharp compettion and choice can only improve the breed.

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