Ms. Riddell on French politics

Quite amazing.

An entire column on what a Hollande victory over Sarkozy will mean for British politics. Without even a single mention of Marine Le Pen.

It\’s not particularly that I think she\’ll win, although I think it would be most amusing if she did (no, not because I support her views, only because it would shock and affront those I think should be shocked and affronted). Rather that it\’s going to be a close race as to which two of the three get into the run off second round.

There is no certainty at all that it will be Sarkozy/Hollande. I would expect Sarkozy to win if it is Sarkozy/Le Pen but the other combinations are rather more open I think.

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  1. I would expect Sarkozy to win if it is Sarkozy/Le Pen

    He needs to help her get into the run off, it’s necessary and sufficient for him to then win.

  2. Well a Hollande/le Pen playoff is certainly what I’m fervently praying for. Might even move back up to France to watch the fun.
    It’s not that I agree with any of her ludicrous policies. But that’s rather the point. If you believe in smaller government a totally incompetent government’s almost as good. There’s plenty of talent down at Département level to run the place whilst her & her pals run around the Élysée Palace barking at the moon.
    And an EU heads of govenment meeting’d be hilarious. Her at one end of the table, possibly with that Hungarian bloke & all the rest squeezed up at the other end desperately trying to pretend she doesn’t exist. Like to see the EU bureaucracy cope with an administration who’s response to requests would be having a rubber stamp made with Non! moulded on it.
    I’ll have to find if I’m still on the voters register in Nord……..

  3. Uh????? We’ve gone all italic. Very stylish but a bit gay isn’t it? I know Tim mentioned being in touch with his femine side the other day but really…..

  4. If the French elected a far-right loon I expect the EU would suddenly become slightly less sniffy about dealing with states with far-right loons.

  5. I’m not sure how a move like that’d play with the French, Richard. They aren’t Greek or Italian. Start meddling in their internal affairs & you could have French tanks trundling up the E19 to Bruxelles with Marine d’Arc in the vanguard in full armour & waving the Fleurs de Lys

  6. Marine Le Pen has largely ditched the racism and holocaust denial so arguably she’s a stronger candidate than her Dad.
    But then neither Hollande nor Sarkozy are quite as hopeless as Jospin. And the French press are ignoring her, which they couldn’t do with Dad because he was so outrageous.
    BTW BiS, you might still have a vote in the Nord, but it would be for local not national elections. (Assuming you registered while having a UK passport, of course.) Given the choice between a corporatist, a syndicalist and a Poujadist there’s no need to hurry back.

  7. the fascists are “amusing”, yeah?

    Comedy ones are. The BNP, for example – their particular brand of insane left wing protectionism makes up for their racist unpleasantness in a way that wouldn’t be possible if they were even competent to arrange a riot. Or keep their membership list secret.

    The EDL and Combat 18, because they have that riot arranging more or less sorted, are less so.

    It’s the same with the left – Occupy are amusing, the various “Black Bloc” groups not.

  8. I tried a closing ‘i’ tag at the start of my comment. It just managed to make it ignore the closing ‘blockquote’ 🙁

  9. what about an opening and closing one. (Where are the codes listed? Is it standard HTML tags or some sort of bespoke markup?)

  10. There’s a random <i> in between the second and third comment blocks for some reason, so closing it inside a comment won’t work.

    It’s possible the PHP script that records the comments has been confused by the markup when it filters out the disallowed items — eg, it’s put SE’s <blockquote> around all the paragraphs too…

  11. Arnald, it’d help old son if you actually understood the politics of those you defame rather than just tag them with the label you people use to describe pretty well anyone you don’t approve of. The net result, you see, just devalues the insult you’re trying to deliver.
    Marine’s father was killed in the war & was only turned down from membership of the Resistance because, at 16, he was too young. BiF accurately describes the modern incarnation of the FN as Poujadist which, at least to my mind, is a political philosophy a long way from fascism. The beliefs you seem to share are a very great deal closer.

  12. bloke in spain: this Marine whose father was killed in the war: is she any relation to Marine Le Pen the daughter of Front National founder Jean-Marie Le Pen who reached the run-off in the 2002 presidential election?

  13. So Much For Subtlety


    If the French elected a far-right loon I expect the EU would suddenly become slightly less sniffy about dealing with states with far-right loons.

    And the Guardianistas would all be telling us how much more stylish French Fascists are.

    9bloke in spain

    I’m not sure how a move like that’d play with the French, Richard. They aren’t Greek or Italian.

    Not sure the Greeks and Italians are big on others meddling in their internal affairs either. So much so that Greece was one of three quasi-Fascist powers to fight on the side of the allies.


    the fascists are “amusing”, yeah?

    Certainly less dangerous than Communists. Besides, ‘Allo ‘Allo was actually funny. From time to time. As non-U as it might be to admit it.

  14. [email protected]
    Epic fail on my part. I should have written grandfather was killed & father was refused membership of the resistance of course. Even early beginners like the French don’t often produce 16yo grandfathers.

  15. bis
    Oh, I’m well aware of the politics, mon vieux.

    A crass attempt at sounding like de Gaulle, mimicking the ideals of la Resistance and the Free French movements of WW2, then flying a royalist flag and denouncing the elites, whilst all the while the ‘direct action’ groups hover in the wings, doesn’t fool anyone of any learning.

    The hard right are magpies of populist memes. Hitler brutalised and exterminated the popular marxist direction in Germany and then swept to power using marxist terminology. A dressing for the masses.

    The Poujadisme nowadays is a mish mash of different anti- movements.

    Le Pen is a fascist through and through. No washing will help.

    You only have to look at her political allies in Eastern Europe to see the vile heart of her intent.

  16. Do we think Arnald is actually engaging in a bit of special pleading here? That he is actually worried about the jackboots of the 1er RE tromping up St Julian’s Avenue? Maxine having declared herself Duchess of Normandy?

  17. No, SE. I find it perplexing that a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is Duke of Normandy, and that the Guernsey Independentists want to maintain that relationship, but have no ties to UK Parliament.

    Quite how a President of a republic can then call them selves a noble is beyond me. But then fascists is as fascists does.

  18. Arnald
    As far as I can work out your logic goes like this:
    Fascists are racist (can’t argue much against that)
    FN & Poujadism are racist (FN definitely, Poujadists arguably but racism doesn’t earn anything like the condemnation in France that it does in the UK)
    Ergo FN is fascist.
    By that argument you could label most of the former communist countries of E. Europe including the Soviet Union fascist ( A view that I’d certainly consider but wouldn’t think’d go totally unchallenged on a CiF comments thread) not to mention China (persecution of non-Han minorities) & half the socialist nations on the planet.
    Or do you prefer to replace racist with nationalist in which case you’re including pretty well any national liberation movement including the Tibetans & a lot of others the left seem quite keen on.
    Or is it you don’t like the FN & ‘fascist’ is merely a term the left uses for anyone it doesn’t approve of, like the Tory Party or the US? Which raises a problem. Because if Tory=fascist=Nazi, then Nazi=Tory & as the Tory party are quite obviously not advocating putting minorities in gas chambers, then it’s much easier to argue the Nazi’s didn’t either.

  19. [email protected]
    I can’t say I’m exactly privy to intricacies of Guernsey & it’s rabid independentists but is there some sort of rule book that says; to become independent one must immediately set up a republic? This is going to come as devastating news to Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway & quite a lot of the Commonwealth nations.
    As an ex-resident (for a very brief period) of the Isle of Wight I’m wholeheartedly persuaded the island’s history show’s it not to be a possession of the English Crown but have never heard a suggestion of building a presidential palace at Newport.

  20. bis
    I was saying that I’m surprised that Le Pen, if she became President, would want to call her self Duchess of anything, being that the French republic is kinda there to stay. I can’t believe for one minute that there is any serious sense in reclaiming a French monarchic line. It’s far too complicated.

    It’s a knotty old rope, Guernsey’s ‘constitution’. Majot landowning retired lawyers blathering on about King John and all that really haven’t got any basis in reality.

  21. bis
    The FN are extreme right wing fascists. Tories clearly aren’t.

    I wasn’t using it as an epithet, just a statement of fact.

  22. Arnald
    I’m just a little puzzled where you’re getting the idea the leader of the FN fancies herself as Duchess of Normandy. Yes, I might have humorously referred to Marine d’Arc but you do know who the Maid of Orleans was, don’t you?

  23. “I wasn’t using it as an epithet, just a statement of fact.”
    Oh, that’s all right then. So referring to Arnald the Guernsey Maoist from now on will not earn your disapproval.

  24. So Much For Subtlety


    Hitler brutalised and exterminated the popular marxist direction in Germany and then swept to power using marxist terminology. A dressing for the masses.

    Lenin called anti-Semitism the socialism of fools. A pity because it seems to be the only form of socialism that works. Whatever else you can say about the Nazis, they radically redistributed wealth to the poor. From Jews and other assorted peoples they conquered.

    This I take it is not viewed kindly by the Left.

    On the other hand, after decolonisation, many Third World governments copied them and redistributed wealth from the former colonial authorities, people from the former colonial countries – and any unpopular minorities lying around. That too was highly successful. It also included Jews in countries like Algeria and Iraq.

    That is viewed kindly by the Left I believe.

    Consistency is the bug-bear of small minds no?

    So no, it was not dressing for the masses. They meant it. They delivered on it. Unlike Stalinism which simply drove down the wages of the poor to historically unheard of low levels.

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