On the subject of a certain Scottish politician

On the other hand he might just be an arrogant jerk with an ego complex the size of Texas, who accused the BBC of Nazi tactics because he had lost the argument and was making a fool of himself.

Tricky one that.

7 thoughts on “On the subject of a certain Scottish politician”

  1. Wasn’t Tom Harris removed from his job for posting a Downfall parody and hence hurting the feelings of Salmond?

    I trust the Scottish First Minister will similarly be dismissed in ignominy for his assault n the sensibilities of the BBC staff member.

    Or is it a case of one law for Wee Eck and another for the rest of us.

  2. I can’t see this being necessarily an ‘either / or’ situation. It is entirely possible to be “an arrogant jerk with an ego complex the size of Texas” and still know what you are talking about.

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  4. With hindsight, it might have been more amusing if he had been on the commentary panel, given Scotland’s ignominious defeat on Saturday. I’d have enjoyed hearing him blame the English for the Scottish team’s awful play.

  5. Frances, don’t you realise that to call scoring fewer points that England ‘a defeat’ is just talking Scotland down? Shame on you.

  6. Actually, per head of population and factoring in the Barnett formula, Scotland clearly thrashed England by 73 – 13.

    Just because the rules of Rugby Union don’t recognise the clearly reality of Wee Eck’s (or, do we mean “Scotland’s”? Never quite sure with that man) brilliance is no reason to accept as a mere numerical defeat what was clearly a glorious victory.

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