Passing the parody horizon with Hugh Bonneville

I cannot, for legal reasons, say why this is passing the parody horizon, but I can point to this story and state that it is.

Hugh Bonneville, who plays the upstanding Earl of Grantham in Downton Abbey, launched a campaign on Twitter on Saturday to force the social-networking website to prohibit advertisers of pornograpy from sending unsolicited messages.

“Ban \’pornbots’ from following and spamming users on Twitter,” demanded the star of the film Conspiracy of Silence. He did not say whether he plans to extend his moral crusade to other media where sexual services are advertised.

In Downton Abbey, the earl’s family were grateful that a sexual scandal was covered up by a newspaper tycoon. These days, the courts would act as moral arbiter.

Perhaps the point being made is that sex is an activity not a spectator sport?

7 thoughts on “Passing the parody horizon with Hugh Bonneville”

  1. Interesting, perhaps the use of Twitter’s new country-by-country censorship mechanism should be brought into play (joke).

    Speaking of censorship, on a completely unrelated topic, I read the other day that the High Court had lifted John Terry’s super injunction.

    One might wonder when the remaining super injunctions might get lifted?

    Maybe Mr. Bonneville should be tweeting about that, unless for some reason he feels that there is something to gain by such censorship.

    If he doesn’t like it, well he can just shove it up where the sun don’t shine, can’t he.


  2. It’s a stupid request anyway: in my experience, Twitter detects and shuts those users down very quickly, presumably because they annoy people, and annoyed people might well give up on Twitter, which is bad for business etc. There’s no need for more stupid legislation.

  3. Kudos to the hack for that final quoted paragraph; absolutely winning.

    Like the hack and Tim, I have no idea why I made that last comment or of anything to which it might refer.

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