Ritchie and Barclay\’s

I love this. A series of posts. All saying much the same thing.

Because HMRC already has the power to stop abusive tax shenannigans and has done so in the case of Barclay\’s this proves that HMRC must have more power.


That HMRC were able to put a stop to it without the general anti-avoidance principle of Ricthie\’s dreams shows that we don\’t need a general anti-avoidance principle to put a stop to these shenannigans.

4 thoughts on “Ritchie and Barclay\’s”

  1. All of this coming from Ritchie who is a self admitted shill for the main HMRC union PCS which represents nearly 60,000 members in Revenue and Customs and the Valuation Office.

    I think that Ritchie is just singing for his supper which is what all shills do.

    Sing Ritchie, sing!

  2. And the posts are, indeed, vintage Murphy:

    “Yesterday we learned that Barclays tried to claim £500 million of tax back it was not owed. Some of this was, apparently, a refund claim for tax never paid.

    Now I have never condoned benefit cheating, and won’t. But let’s reflect for a moment. Which is the bigger issue here? Benefit cheating of £1,200 million or highly paid bankers setting out in organised fashion to seek to claim £500 billion they are not due and which they’d given their undertaking not to do?

    I know my answer.”

    Well he may know his answer but it’d help if he showed his workings out & how he inflates Barclays’ tax liabilities by 100,000% between consecutive paragraphs.
    Accuracy is not his strong point, is it

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