Something I am rather proud of

OK, reasonably trivial I agree but still.

If you search for \”Apple Boycott\” (with or without the quote marks) on Google the first piece that comes up is \”Apple Boycott: People Are Spouting Nonsense about Chinese Manufacturing\”.

The second is \”The Apple Boycott Graphically Explained\”.

These two pieces, umm, by me, are about the absurdity of the complaints over the conditions there.

These results come in ahead of the pages actually trying to organise a boycott of Apple.

This drives certain types into rage which is all very amusing. And I know of their rage because they write to me and tell me so.

I\’m even being accused of \”seeding Google\” when actually all I did was write a piece and then people tweeted it. Which is actually how the system is supposed to work, isn\’t it?