Something I\’ve just noticed

Ritchie\’s not blogging at Forbes any more.

I wonder why? Did they not renew his contract or something?

12 thoughts on “Something I\’ve just noticed”

  1. Even if he wasn’t making much from it, you’d have thought he’d have put a couple of posts up to plug his book.

    Which suggests that he’s been dropped by them, rather than just not been posting.

  2. Out of interest, is it really worthwhile being a blogger at Forbes? I’ve tried locating Tim’s contributions from the front page without success. The list of writers shown as micro thumbnails of photos in no particular order isn’t exactly a help. If it’s necessary to use the search function, rather defeats the object doesn’t it? Having to know the articles exists & who wrote it in advance.
    As far as I’m concerned, Forbes is a seriously shit site. A few minutes browsing around used 50Mb of my 1Gb monthly mobile net allocation. Peppering the site with automatically starting Flash media is a pain for those on slow expensive connections. Particularly as I’m totally uninterested in the content. Surely, the sort of people Forbes should be wanting to attract isn’t the high speed broadband user browsing from his bedroom but the sort of people who are active in the world & often using slower, mobile access from diverse locations.

  3. Richard
    No doubt. But however it’s paid for doesn’t alter the download speeds. Best I’ve ever managed on a mobile connection was 600Kb/sec in UK. The one I’m using here averages worse than the the old dial-up connections & there’s large areas of the UK you wouldn’t do much better. Big, data dense pages take a long time to load. If they load at all & don’t just ‘stick’ half way though. And irrespective of how much you pay, ‘unlimited’ internet contracts aren’t unlimited. The ‘fare usage’ threshold where the connection’s either discontinued or has the speed reduced isn’t all that high.

  4. blokeinspain: What is this ‘Flash’ of which you speak? If you’re using a browser like Chrome or Firefox, you can normally get apps which do handy things like blocking Flash and marking it for your permission if you want it.

  5. Philip Walker
    Yes I know I can do that. But why should I have to? Why mount media that automatically runs when the page loads? I can understand it as a tactic for advertising but why for content? If you navigate to a page you’re most likely be concentrating on what you went there for & miss the opening seconds of the video anyway. The viewer doesn’t even know the subject of the media so in the case I’m talking about all I’ve got is two women wittering at each other, subject unknown.
    As far as I’m concerned it’s the standard net publishing fail. People who put it together are so impressed by their own bells & whistles they forget the consumer. Get the same with some company websites, they insist on putting a 30sec promo as the entry point. OK if you’ve got high speed. Anything slower & you’re waiting 5 minutes for the stuff to load so you can get beyond it to the info you’re actually interested in. Quicker to find another company.

  6. bloke in Spain – it’s probably a fact that the web-site developers all use ultra high-spec machines. They never test the sites they build to see what the average punter’s experience will be.

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