That Conservatives are Stoopid thing

Slightly more considered view of Monbiot\’s discovery.

It\’s a little odd to study Britain then conclude that racism and conservatism are aligned when our most racist political party is a nationalist socialist one and when our most conservative political party is the Labour Party.

7 thoughts on “That Conservatives are Stoopid thing”

  1. Tim, what’s this q you write about? Is it related in some way to the g statistic representing “general intelligence”?

    Tim adds: Yes, thanks for catching that. Some form of brain fart. I’d read the italic g as a q.

  2. The, “conservatives are stupid” meme has it’s origins in the build-up to the American Civil War. The slave-owning Democrat South actually produced a tome proving that The South, being the descendants of the Norman overlords of England, were intellectually and morally superior to the northern Republicans, who were descended from the subjugated, degenerate Anglo-Saxons and other lesser races in the Old World.* Given the Left’s knee-jerk dismissal of history which they have not re-written,
    it should be unsurprising that the Left continues to use such a ridiculous approach which in itself negates any claim to superiority that the Left cares to make.

    *”source: “Battle Cry of Freedom”, by James D McPherson. who won the Pulitzer Prize for the book.

  3. *”source: “Battle Cry of Freedom”, by James D McPherson. who won the Pulitzer Prize for the book.

    I’m reading that now…pretty heavy going, but I guess the Civil War is not a subject which can be dealt with lightly. I do find it interesting that it was those who were considered (and derided) as Capitalists who opposed slavery and those who shunned trade in favour of self-sufficiency and localism were the ones who kept slaves. So much for the left’s assertion that it was Capitalism which benefited the most from slavery.

  4. Slavery has died out in capitalist societies because it is an inefficient means of production. It turns out that paying volunteers a lot more than the cost of keeping slaves results in production of a value in excess of that difference in cost. Whodathunkit?

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