The high cost of slave labour

So high in fact that you don\’t want the long term unemployed even for free.

A must read.

And no wonder there\’s so many unemployed given what it costs to employ someone.

2 thoughts on “The high cost of slave labour”

  1. I wonder if there is a metric somewhere which can calculate the approximate number of jobs the latest progressive caring law will cost.

  2. A short book – titled “Ancient Slavery…” I read long ago analysed the economic consequences of classical slavery.
    While the author acknowledged that given the piffling monetary base slavery was inevitable he found that it had serious economic inefficiencies, sufficient to stymie any hopes of growth and eventually lead to collapse of its supporting civilisation.
    Getting the unemployed out of bed in the morning will no doubt make taxpayers happier. It might even do some good to the unemployed.
    To expect it in itself to generate any wealth is probably delusional, however.

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