The onward march of technology

as near as I can figure our iPad does everything my laptop could do about 3 years ago.


Do you not understand?

It does it more expensively which is just wonderful, isn\’t it?

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  1. Does this mean you can now, say, listen to mp3’s while composing emails or browsing the web on an iPad now?

    And how’s that touchtyping on iPads going these days?


  2. A strange creature the ‘Apple user.
    There’s a lass I know UK side. Every time they bring out a new model she updates. From the glimpse I got of her latest desktop it seemed to be just a screen with the ‘works’ included (yes?). She also has the wafer thin, white laptop, an iPhone & now an iPad.
    Point is, I’ve never seen he do anything but e-mail or shop. She even finds regularly used web addresses by searching Google rather than bookmarking. She didn’t know a browser had a menu bar or address line until I changed the settings to use her machine. Has never played a music disc in the drive. Downloaded a picture from her phonecamera. She actually likes my ancient 286 steam driven Tosh, running W95 & 8Mb memory, because it’s so quick & simple.
    Vanity user.

  3. Try running CAD software like CATIA on an iPad, or writing software, or running multiple user accounts with the sort of management of Active Directory. Try controlling an arduino board, or remote triggering an SLR camera, or running a webserver or playing Portal. That’s just the start of my list.

    Seriously, a tech journalist thinks an iPad can do what a laptop could do 3 years ago? Probably needs to get a clue.

  4. Of course, they could mean:

    “We can do on an iPad what *we* used to do on our laptop three years ago”

    And it just came out wrong. i.e. they didn’t actually use their laptop for anything strenuous.

    Like touch typing.

    Or running more than one application at once…

  5. To which I can only add: “You clearly weren’t doing very much on your laptop”.

    I have iPad, iMac (x2) and while I love the little fondleslab to bits, and admit it can do things my imac can’t, there are just sooooooo many things it cannot.

  6. Tim Almond

    Controlling an Arduino easy peasy:

    amongst many others. Google arduino iPad.

    Controlling a a digitial slr with ipad:

    Many others too – google digital slr iPad control

    Running good cad software is probably out of the question currently, as it was for pc’s back in the 80’s or 90’s…

    Haha! Running multiple user accounts onnan iPad. No, dumb ass idea bearing in mind what the iPad is. I’d do that stuff on a large non-portable server…


  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Yeah but the lap top from three years ago won’t get you laid.

    Whereas any number of dorks think an iPad will.

    I assume that is pretty much the be-all and end-all of marketing. Which seems to have only three lessons – produce different quality products to segment the market, imply that buying your product will get them laid and something else I forget.

    So my rather late-on-set Alzheimer’s aside, the next step for research is to quantify how many extra birds you can pull with an iPad (I would guess it is not that many) and the price difference with the lap top so that we can work out whether or not flying to Thailand and shagging teenage prostitutes wouldn’t be more cost effective. I tend to think it would. But not, perhaps, as much in the way of social approval.

  8. Most people I know who own an iPad do so for three reasons:

    1. They only use it for email, web surfing, and watching films.
    2. It boots up immediately.
    3. It is seriously portable, including the charger.

    Thinking about it, I might get one myself.

  9. Out of the OSs I use, OS X is my favourite, with Linux a close second and Windows a very distant third. I might break down and buy an iPad when v3 comes out, but I’m more likely to save my shekels for a decently-specced iMac. From my point of view having a good AMP setup out of the box is a godsend for web development. And it interfaces more nicely with my Arduinos than my Windows machine!

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