There\’s something about Germany….

My first trip up here, to the lands of the slags and the \’ore mountains, I found that they were having eine \”Partei Auf Busbahnhof\”.

Which was, as the name suggests, a party at the bus station. It was in celebration of the new fuel cell driven busses that had just arrived.

Hmm, OK, it\’s foreign and they do things in foreign here.

So I\’m at Dresden Airport for a flight today and there\’s a flier for \”Flughafen Nacht\”. Which seems to be a party to celebrate 5 years of the airport having been reconstructed.

They\’re actually charging people this time. €14 a head I think. N\’ there\’s live acts n\’all.

I think Freddie Mercury would quite like the idea that there\’s a \”Great Pretender\” willing to take the stage.

I\’m not quite sure what a \”Schlagerparty\” is but it has an \”Italienische Sensucht\” called Oliver Frank. That \”ische\” is doing quite a lot of work as a qualifier for what I assume is \”tenor\”. Maybe it\’s \”sexy\” or \”sensitive\” singer but it\’s still doing a lot of work.

And I\’m really not sure what the hell this is about: Steffen Heidrich is \”Deutschlands bestes Roland Kaiser Double\” which makes some sort of sense I suppose until you start wondering who the hell this Roland Kaiser that he\’s Germany\’s best impersonator of is.

But then this is foreign and they do things differently here.

Why couldn\’t there be a scandium mine in Twerton, or Midsommer Norton? Not Radstock, of course, that\’s even weirder than here.

4 thoughts on “There\’s something about Germany….”

  1. “Schlagerparty” Schlager is hits, as in top twenty

    “Italienische Sensucht” – Italian yearning. It always seemed to me the Germans have 2 kinds of song – 1) I’m at home and yearn for foreign parts, and 2) I’m abroad and yearn for home.

    ische – ian ie Italienische – Italian No, I never heard of him either. Had a big hit with Santa Maria in the 70s. That’s the other German trait – nostalgia.

    Alan Douglas

  2. I guess that should be “Party am Busbahnhof” (they do write in Englisch at times). Roland Kaiser has recently had a lung transplant, and an impersonator might now be preferable to the real thing.

  3. political party: “Partei”
    festivity: “Party”, “Fete”, “Feier”

    The term Schlager derives from the same origins as “hit”, but it describes a distinct style of music mostly popular in the 60s and 70s and much to my regret still today. Many songs talk about Italy, Greece and Turkey because we had quite a lot immigrant workers coming over at that time and we in turn started to go on vacation there. (And that’s how we got so much Pizza, Ouzo and Döner Kebab…)


    (I’m at home and yearn for foreign parts:) Griechischer Wein – Udo Jürgens singing how Greek Wine arouses his nostalgia.

    Marmor, Stein und Eisen – “Marbor, stone and iron breaks, but our love does not.”

    Wer soll das bezahlen? – “Who should pay for it?” (perfect for today’s times, innit?)

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