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They\’re not even pretending now, are they?

Prime Minister David Cameron is known to have sympathy with the idea of minimum pricing, which medics say could save nearly 10,000 lives per year if set at 50p per unit.

Gosh, that\’s amazing.

Alcohol related deaths in the UK rose to 9,031 in 2008, up from 8,724 the previous year.

Rilly? A slight rise in the cost of cheap booze will save more lives per year than are lost to all booze?

Hey, why not put it up to £50 a unit and we\’ll all live forever?

Forgive me the crudity but I\’ve really had it with cunts lying to get their bandwagons rolling.

14 thoughts on “They\’re not even pretending now, are they?”

  1. Meanwhile set prices of petrol to a tenner a litre and watch road deaths fall.

    In unrelated news, I was discussing with a colleague, the junkie problem in Iran. They have more smackheads as a percentage of the population than any other nation on earth.

  2. Alcohol related deaths in the UK rose to 9,031 in 2008, up from 8,724 the previous year.

    One wonders, of course, if these figures are created in the same way as alcohol related admissions to hospitals.

    “30% of this death was due to alcohol, 10% of that teetotaller’s death was due to alcohol, 14.243245% of that other death…”

  3. Some interesting correlations.

    BBC, as you say: 9000 -ol related deaths in the UK in 2008.

    8,664 in 2009, 8,790 in 2010.

    Scottish alcohol related deaths:

    BBC: 2010, there were 1,318

    Scottish Gov: 2,882 deaths

    Sommat don’t compute.

    I’ll bet that Weeing Feck is going to seize on that as another reason why the Southerners can’t have a vote on Scottish attempted UDI; we die less from the drink, so it would discriminate against dead Scotties.

  4. I was going to comment on us Jocks too but in relation to Serf’s

    They have more smackheads as a percentage of the population than any other nation on earth.

    They must be goin’ great guns to overcome the land of “Trainspotting”.

  5. I take it from your post, Serf, that in Iran there’s a form of super-prohibition, a prohibition-plus?

    I’ve long suspected that prohibition creates more users using more. Added to the thrill of the illicit to get you started, I suppose if you don’t know when you’ll get your next fix, you tend to neck as much as you can whenever you can.

    And the Iranian experience bears this out?

  6. I think the Iranian problems is:

    a) They are next door to Afghanistan
    b) Everything remotely fun is banned

    Its a comment on “That which is seen, and that which is not seen”

    Even if you agree with their logic, and their target, there will always be some other cost that was not foreseen.

    For those likely to be put off alcohol by minimum prices, the lure of an illegal substitute is going to be strong

  7. You’d probably never find official or even unofficial stats for this, but the cocaine consumption in Kuwait was apparently through the roof. You’ve got millionaires in their late teens and early twenties who are not allowed to drink or screw around, so they turn to drugs and fast cars instead. A fine mix it is too.

  8. the main point of am alcohol price floor is surely to channel more profit to brewers, distillers and retailers of their products. Therefore, surely the question to ask is whether Cameron or his father-in-law stand to gain by this?

  9. diogenes (#9), not sure, but you’d probably have to be drunk to buy wallpaper from Osborne’s parents’ shop.

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  11. “However between 2008 and 2009, the total number of deaths directly related to alcohol consumption fell by 2.7% (from 6,768 in 2008 to 6,584 in 2009)”

    “The main contributor to the overall decrease was a 5.6% decrease in deaths from alcoholic liver disease”

    Source: NHS Statistics on Alcohol 2011

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