Timmy elsewhere

I think I can live with this description on Twitter:

djdoucheface david watson
but this conservative douche nuts forbes journalist actually makes some annoyingly decent points au contraire onforb.es/wE4yYv

4 thoughts on “Timmy elsewhere”

  1. Americans use “douche” as an insult: what does it mean?

    Tim adds: It’s a particularly American one that. “Douche” is a contraction of “vaginal douche”, a method of washing intimate lady bits. I guess the root is the same as the French for shower, “douche”.

    Americans can be a bit strange over such things: it’s almost unheard of (outside the hippy classes, which is why it is so remarked upon) for a woman not to shave her armpits. Similarly they seem to have gone from a v. douche as a possible method of contraception (in combination with a Dutch Cap for example) to something that many women should use in order to make certain that they do not have healthy internal flora.

    Quite why this then became an insult I’m not sure but that’s the source of it at least.

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