Well of course they bloody don\’t

Lynne Featherstone directly challenges the role of the Church in the debate over homosexual weddings, saying it does not “own” marriage.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, Miss Featherstone says the Government has a right to change the definition of marriage and pledges to challenge those who “want to leave tradition alone”.

Citing the words of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, who is a prominent opponent of the Coalition’s plans to allow same-sex couples to marry, she insists that how marriage is defined is up to “the people”.

Not sure about the people but certainly the government. We settled this (or, perhaps, had it settled for us) in 1534.

2 thoughts on “Well of course they bloody don\’t”

  1. The word “marriage” is defined in the marriage service. Currently there is no other definition generally accepted as valid.
    Lynne Featherstone claims that the government has the right to change the definition. That is debatable.
    However what is beyond debate is that *she* does not know what the people (as distinct from “the people” – a concept used to describe a small group agreeing with the ranter) think: admittedly non-one does but IMHO, based on talking to many people over a longer period than she has, the majority would understand and accept the definition in the marriage service but not accept one that included civil partnerships between couples of the same gender.

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