What the hell do you think politics is Zoe?

A vote for the London mayor could be between the true left and the true right. But they\’d rather squabble over our wallets

All politics is about who gets to control the content of our wallets.

2 thoughts on “What the hell do you think politics is Zoe?”

  1. It really doesn’t matter what it is about “for them”. They can have all sorts of motives – fraud, power, adulation, even, possibly, public service.

    What matters is what it is about “for us”. And it is more than just our wallets, unpleasant though that is. They are also, nearly all of them, attempting to control significant portions of our lives as well. We complain on here just as much about bansturbation from the political classes as we do about their economic ignorance and the appalling size and waste of the public sector.

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