Where your money goes

The four ceremonies together will cost £81m, after the government used public funds to double the budget following a presentation to the prime minister by Boyle and Stephen Daldry.

How lovely.

Every income tax payer in the country has to pay £2.75 each for a disco party for lycra clad druggies.

A disco party they\’re not allowed to go to.

There\’s a reason government costs so fucking much you know?

12 thoughts on “Where your money goes”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well, Rub-a-dub, Adele is going to perform. I love her music, really I do, but do you really want to see her in Lycra?


    Gavin, best known for his work as mastermind of Take That’s inventive recent stadium shows

    Oh. Fuck.

  2. they should have just had Brenda pulling up in a carriage, horsemen, buglers, all that stuff. Steps out of a carriage “I declare the Olympics open”. Cost a couple of million and the rest of the world would have loved it.

    Instead we’re going to have some naff Olympic opening ceremony (they’re always the same and always very naff).

  3. A perfect example of why I was so desperate for Paris to win the bid..

    @ Tim Almond, WTF is Brenda? (I’m sure the answer to this will be obvious but since I don’t know it..)

  4. “Private Eye, the British satirical magazine, has given the British royal family working-class nicknames, as though they were characters in a soap opera. The Duke of Edinburgh is “Keith”, the late Princess Margaret was “Yvonne”, and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, was dubbed “Cheryl”. Queen Elizabeth II’s nickname is “Brenda”.”


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