Yes, this will solve the Greek crisis

More than 160 German tax collectors have volunteered for possible assignments in Greece to help the struggling Mediterranean country gather tax more efficiently, the finance ministry said in Berlin at the weekend.The offer risks fuelling resentment among Greeks who have already reacted angrily to earlier German calls for the appointment of a \”budget commissioner\” to monitor the Greek government\’s financial management.

Not the
tax collection, obviously. But the security apparatus needed to protect them will provide a nice little fiscal boost to the economy.

9 thoughts on “Yes, this will solve the Greek crisis”

  1. At some point, the alien facehugger in our economic midst called the banking industry is going to have to be dismantled. It would be better doing it now than later. The longer we wait, the harder it is going to be; and it already very, very hard. Then, a loan brokerage system that operates within, rather than above, the economy, will be able to develop.

  2. There are more Porsche Cayennes in Greece than there are higher rate taxpayers.

    Some might say that paying your taxes is a civic duty. Others might argue that Greece simply couldn’t afford its welfare state and state / corporate feather bedding.

    Either way, sending some grey suited Germans in to rifle the Greeks’ drawers will transform tax evasion from venality to patriotic duty.

  3. There’ll be old Greek great grandfathers reminiscing about old times as partisans and dusting off the old tommy guns.

  4. Sorry, but if they try this stunt then they’d better have bloody security, otherwise these fiscal Gauleiters will be hanging from the lampposts.

    It just goes to show the fundamental difference between the Germans and the Greeks that the Germans can seriously propose this with a straight face.

    At some point, someone will have to tell the Germans, “By the way old boy, just because you’re coughing up the dough doesn’t mean you get any special priority you know”.

    Time old Angela Merkel said “Genug ist genug”.

  5. Had lunch a couple of weeks ago with someone who owns some property on one of the islands. He said his neighbour had told him that, in view of the crisis and everything, he’d quite like to pay some tax, but didn’t know how to.

  6. It would be unwise to assume that german tax collectors go in without hard men protecting them. The Germans are good at being hard.
    As for the people getting angry.
    Don’t populations everywhere get angry these days.
    And what difference does it make unless backed up by copious guns.

  7. Fly them in by helicopter. Low. Over the beaches. With The Ride of the Valkyries blasting out of loudspeakers.

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