A glorious example of the \”While I\” defence

The British media must be challenged as to why they give UKIP leader Nigel Farage so much attention, air time and column inches when UKIP members hold such vile views. While I believe in free speech speech, I do not find it acceptable for the media to promote a party which is so obviously on the right-wing political fringe.

Free speech is only allowable for those views I approve of…..that is, I don\’t believe in free speech at all.

7 thoughts on “A glorious example of the \”While I\” defence”

  1. Reading it carefully, she believes in ‘free speech’ speech, i.e talking about free speech, not practising it.

  2. I find it ironic that she should complain that too much time is spent on Farage, when she spends so much time on Roger Helmer….

  3. Oddly, reading tirades like this, I find myself agreeing to every word…just replacing UKIP with Labour Party and Farage with Honeyballs…

  4. Mary Queen of Trots

    Honey balls is so obvious on the far left political fringe. I find her views loony but she has the right not to be listened to.

  5. I only read as far as the suggestion that shooting rioters was right wing. Because that would never happen n any leftist paradise, obviously.

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