A personal and heartfelt plea by this blog\’s owner

Please celebrate Earth Hour by turning the lights on.

13 thoughts on “A personal and heartfelt plea by this blog\’s owner”

  1. Tim Blair runs the Hour of Power from his blog every year. One of his readers had his heaters and air conditioner dueling for the whole hour.

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Tim.

    8:30 – 9:30pm apparently (local time).

    I shall turn on the outside lights as well. No aircon, but it’s got chilly again so I shall light the coal fire (fossil fuel and very inefficient).

  3. This whole thing makes me feel guilty every year, because I actually like compact fluorescents and always have. It makes me feel like I ought to keep some 200W GLS in, just to put in for this one hour.

  4. I’m a cheapskate, so I’ll only be doing what I normally do.

    Note that this doesn’t mean turning the lights off; I find the bullying of the Earth Hour types and the credulity of the media types repulsive.

  5. A few dark windows in my corner of London, brightened only by flickering TVs. And passing cars and street lamps and security lights and a couple of ambulances…

  6. Surreptitious Evil

    We hadn’t got a clue that it was (yet another) guilt day. But we were watching a film on the goggle box with a coal / wood fire burning. We had actually turned the lights out but that was only because (not actually needing illumination) candles are nicer.

  7. Like Ian B I have CFLs (they last longer with the crappy line quality I have). On the other hand, I had a pan-fried piece of fillet steak the size of my fist for dinner. There’s another one sitting on the fridge for sandwiches tomorrow. Vegan miserablists be damned.

  8. Truly North Korea under the benevolent leadership of Kim-nolongerIl, er, Kim-et Pies or whoever it is now, is showing the way! All we need do is submit ourselves to the juche ideal and gaia will be saved.

    CFLs? When your leccie costs 25 eurocents a unit you put them everywhere except the few places you are constantly turning things on and off for 30 seconds at a time – which blows CFLs up in short order. They aren’t all nasty – one major Dutch brand produces really nice quality lights, worth paying a bit extra over the no-label stuff.

  9. My family observed power hour by multi-tasking. Whilst the electric oven was cooking the Sunday Roast and the dishwasher was doing its stuff, three stages of the washing cycle were operating – washing machine, dryer & iron. That, along with the TV, laptop and 2 PCS (with sundry lights) consumed a massive 4.2kwh of electric in the hour. 15 years ago the power consumption would have been double that -provided the fuse box could have coped!
    Which goes to show that whilst the policy makers are busy make our lives harder, businesses, following market incentives, have been innovating to give us more for less – not just in money, but in power as well.

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