At least we export something these days

Anna Gristina, 44, was in jail on the notorious Rikers Island last night after failing to come up with $3 million (£1.9 million) in bail money. A court heard she was accused of managing a prostitution racket with well-known figures and leading businessmen on her books.

Her lawyers claimed the Scottish-born mother of four had been merely attempting to create a dating website when she was arrested. She is said to have acted as a high-class madam for at least 15 years, operating from an apartment building on Manhattan\’s Upper East Side.

Highly skilled and highly lucrative management services.

13 thoughts on “At least we export something these days”

  1. Guilty of the heinous crime of selling apples on a Tuesday as far as I can see. (i.e. doing nothing wrong at all.) No mention of tax evasion, and that parting crack about “underage girls, some of them from Europe” is equivalent to the wife in the divorce court chucking in a “And he abuses the kids” at the end of her testimony.

  2. Hopefully some moral crusaders, well known Puritans and/or zealous prosecutors turn up on her books, Elliot Spitzer style.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Highly skilled? Some rope tying skills and a little light lifting is not that highly skilled.

    I suppose you have to know just where to hit and know how not to choke a guy to death, but still ….

  4. So Much For Subtlety (#4) – presumably they also need Health & Safety training to avoid repetitive strain injury.

  5. I volunteer as a ‘mystery shopper’ for her organisation to ensure customers are getting the deisred experience.

    I have extensive experience and am prepared to video the encounters.

  6. Running an animal sanctuary involves a lot of paperwork these days. Maybe it was DSK’s wife who tipped off the feds for “concurrence déloyale”?

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    Richard – “presumably they also need Health & Safety training to avoid repetitive strain injury.”

    That is true. As well as extensive training in gender awareness and general consciousness raising so they can tell if a girl really wants to be there, no matter what she says, or if she has been “trafficked”.

    12Matthew L – “Perhaps the pig sty was for customers who didn’t pay their bills…”

    Or perhaps for those who pay a lot more?

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