Bit of a surprise

A Conservative MEP will today announce his defection to the UK Independence Party following a furious row with Tory party Chairman Baroness Warsi.

In a ferocious attack, Roger Helmer blamed Lady Warsi’s ‘obstinancy’ for his decision to quit the Tories after 40 years.

Mr Helmer, who has been an MEP since 1999, added that he had grown increasingly disillusioned with David Cameron’s policies.

The outspoken eurosceptic MEP will announce his defection at UKIP’s spring conference in Skegness today.

2 thoughts on “Bit of a surprise”

  1. I understand British MEPs are elected under a PR system. So do the tories get to offer a sitting UKIP MEP the tory whip? Or kick out the UKIP MEP with the most marginal vote and parachute in their own candidate?

    Does anyone know what happens when members cross the floor in PR jurisdictions?

    Tim adds: Yes, I do know. You might indeed think that some of the things on your list should happen. But by established precedent they don’t.

    For example, a UKIP MEP defected to the Tories a little while back……UKIP lost an MEP and the Tories gained one, that’s all.

  2. Surely there’s a good argument for any sitting representative who changes his party allegiance to be required to contest a by-election.

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