Freiberg Note

Here in Freiberg is the Mormon Temple for, umm, not quite sure, Germany? Eastern Europe? Certainly a large missionary centre for them.

I\’ve seen gaggles of them on the streets: yet I\’m accosted by them less than I have been in either the UK or Portugal. Hmm, \”accosted\” might be a tad harsh.

Anwyay, looks like that prophylactic consumption of Freiberger (as with almost all German towns, there is a local beer) seems to be working then.

8 thoughts on “Freiberg Note”

  1. “Safest place to park is right outside a police station.”

    There’s been a lovely house for sale in Edinburgh next to police station on Leith Walk. No one wants it – pissed-off/hungover drunks chucked out of cells at 6am don’t have much respect for your car’s shiny paintwork.

  2. Our house is remote enough that even the politicians don’t come knocking at election time, but the Mormons still visit.

    However they only send the men now, due to my habit of answering the door whilst still in a dressing gown at noon.

  3. The local Jehovah’s Witnesses sent round a couple of attractive young women, so I invited them in for a threesome (they declined). The next time it was a pair of elderly gentlemen, so I invited them in for a threesome too. After explaining what I meant, they declined and I haven’t had a visit since.

  4. Worthy to note that that temple was actually built in GDR times. Only God knows how they managed to do that 😉

  5. Matthew L: I’m disappointed! I’ve suffered numerous visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses at various addresses, and not once have they had the good sense to send round attractive young women.

  6. Curiously enough, there’s a temple not far from where I am now (Sussex) & if you’ll accept a limited poll ie the bloke next door, they don’t seem to do much harassing round here either. He’s copped the JWs but not the LDS.

    Always better not to shit on your own doorstep?

    Gotta hand it to the JWs though. A km walk up to the place I had in the Sierra Nevadas, serious uphill, noon, mid summer. That is dedication. Still, soul like mine’d be a helluva coup.

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