Friday afternoon musical fun

I\’ve been taking a lot of music lessons just recently. Becoming quite the multi-instrumentalist.

I\’ve quite nailed the vocal line from Jessica, have the drum part to Eruption down pat and even the lead guitar part in Birdland sorted.

I think I\’ll move on to the Hammond organ part in Freebird next unless anyone has any better ideas?

16 thoughts on “Friday afternoon musical fun”

  1. I think you should try the bassline from Unskinny Bop, followed by an attempt at the solo God Save the Queen

  2. The accordian run on Smack My Bitch Up is pretty challenging, maybe you should try that next?

    I suspect lack of years has defeated some people here. 😉

  3. Everything referred to above is hardly music – just electronic noise with some harmony produced by lower-class sub-humans…

  4. Why not try the drum parts from the Nat King Cole trio recordings?

    (Have I understood the joke aright?)

  5. Having once, unwittingly, committed a sin of such direness & magnitude the gods of fate decreed I should share a flat with someone learning to play the drums, I have deepest sympathy with all those who have suffered.

  6. The first song I ever learned to play on the guitar was Everybody Hurts. And, as soon as I’d learnt it, I went on to prove that.

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