Georgie in Bradford

Bit of a surprise, eh?

Wonder if he\’ll bother turning up to the Commons this time around?

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  1. It seems this was quite a bitchy campaign from both sides, race/religion playing a major role..Whatever one thinks of GG though, this is a remarkable result unlike any other I can recall in almost 30 years.. A real kick in the bollocks for Ed Moribund and his gang of Tory wannabees.. and perhaps a message sent to the navel-gazing Westminster global village that ordinary people don’t want their living standards squeezed in order to pay for the fuck ups of New Labour and their illegal wars/light-touch/corporate welfare/privatisation etc..

    If we wanted that crap we would’ve voted Tory..

  2. Thank fuck I don’t live there any more. I very much doubt I could walk at night through my old neighbourhood unmolested these days.

    It’s perhaps premature to get too alarmed, but if you let your cities turn into a facsimile of Karachi, it’s not surprising when they start to vote that way.

  3. “Wonder if he’ll bother turning up to the Commons this time around?” I’ve heard GG being challenged on this point. His answer (for what it’s worth) was that attendance at the Commons is registered by presence in the Chamber which (he argued) was pretty much a waste of time for a minority party, and that in fact he was present and at work in the building far more than most MPs.

    He claimed that this could be evidenced (who knows?). But I would be sorry if MPs were judged by how many days they put their head round the door of the debating chamber – cf the “attendance allowance” scams exposed by the expenses scandal.

  4. Surreptitious Evil

    Of course “attendance allowance” is HoL not HoC so, with any luck, we’ll not see “Curious” qualifying.

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