I doubt it somehow

Fifty teams rolled out their box carts ranging from giant eyeballs and Japanese WWII fighter jets…..

What Japanese WWII jets?

There were English and German ones in that war but Japanese? Don\’t think so…..

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  1. While I’m fairly sure it’s more by luck than by judgement on the Telegraph’s part, it’s right and you’re wrong here. Imperial Weapon #2 flew just before the surrender. The Italians, Americans and Soviets also had wartime jets (although only the UK, German and American ones saw active service).

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    The Japanese completed one model of jet aircraft prior to surrender. It was the Nakajima J9Y ‘Kikka’ and flew only in prototype form. It was based on (but not a copy of) the Messerschmidt Me 262. The Japanese had other designs approved, but none had come off the drawing boards before the end of the war.

    The Japanese also produced on rocket power aircraft during WWII (not technically a jet), the Mitsubishi J8M ‘Shusui’. It flew in prototype form only, and was based on the Messerschmidt Me 163.

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  4. john b
    Dennis is quoting accurately and correcting your mis-statement. The article to which you link says that the prototype flew once, but as it was not armed it was not a fighter jet.

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