In which I think I\’m mentioned in the Mail on Sunday

The figures follow recent criticism of Apple employing 230,000 workers in China for assembling their hardware, according to a recent Forbes report, opposed to keeping their operations in the states for American jobs.

I think that\’s me anyway, as I\’m the bloke at Forbes who has been banging on about Apple\’s manufacturing in China…approvingly of course.

2 thoughts on “In which I think I\’m mentioned in the Mail on Sunday”

  1. If people continue to want $149.99 ipods then they will continue to be made in China.

    If people would prefer to pay $400 then by all means make them in the US.

    I know which one I would buy.

  2. This Forbes thing is going quite well for you, Tim. I noticed there was one post with over 300 comments.

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