International soccer tactic of the day

A couple of years ago, when several of Napoli\’s players were being linked with moves to England, De Laurentiis\’ tactic for convincing them to stay was to warn them that English women \”do not wash their genitalia.\” \”To them,\” he said, in a concerned, fatherly way, \”a bidet is a mystery.\”

10 thoughts on “International soccer tactic of the day”

  1. Pah! If they went to live in London they were hardly likely to meet many English girls, were they?

  2. I take it then that the reason so few English footballers go to Italy is all those hairy armpits?

  3. Don’t knock it – had one for a few years when living in Italy and nothing beats it for feeling fresh and clean. If I can squeeze one into the revamp of my diminutive German bathroom (kitchens and bathrooms seem to be afterthoughts squeezed into the spaces left after the architects had thought about the important stuff – draw what conclusions you will about the national psyche from that) alongside the tubs and steam cabins and whatnot Mrs James is drooling over, I will.

  4. JamesV
    Trying to work out whether your comment refers to an Italian footballer or an English chick with suspect knickery regions & wondering why you’d be considering installing either in a small bathroom. We get by with a conventional toilet roll holder.

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