Bertie Ahern is set to be expelled from Fianna Fail – the party he led to three successive Irish general election victories.

The party confirmed it was seeking his expulsion for \”conduct unbecoming of a member of Fianna Fail.\”

How bleedin\’ corrupt do you have to be if even Fianna Fail won\’t put up with it?

It\’s like Stonewall chucking you out because you\’ve got too many Jimmy Somerville records.

5 thoughts on “Jeebus”

  1. Bertie might have good reason to feel aggrieved. After all, he only lied about who gave him around $270,000.

    In contrast, his mentor, Charles Haughey, stole or swindled some $13 million, with which he bought an island, a yacht, and an impressive collection of Charvet shirts. Fianna Fail didn’t even bother pretending to punish him.

  2. Heard a good story about Haughey, about 20 years back. At his plutocratic best, he’d get himself driven out to the country to his favourite restaurant for a slap-up binge. Thing was, the chef hated – hated! – him. So much so that said chef, whenever he heard that the despised premier was in the house and demanding his favourite cutlet, would oblige but lowering his kecks and y-fronts and smearing said cutlet all over his own meat and veg prior to cooking. ‘Twas his own special gift to Haughey.

    I had this story on credible authority.

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