Just what is a social geographer?

This has been puzzling me for some time. Re the Danny Dorling question really: just what is a social geographer? Intensive pondering has allowed me to come to a conclusion.

A social geographer is a geographer too stupid or politically biased to be able to teach sports.

16 thoughts on “Just what is a social geographer?”

  1. Well, since Geography as currently taught is merely ‘sociology with maps’, maybe a social geographer is just a geographer.

  2. It’s basically sociology. Sociology doesn’t have a great reputation – being considered (wrongly) as a Mickey Mouse subject and (rightly) as being dominated by left-wingers. Hence sociologists prefer other terms. See also Richard Wilkinson – the ‘social epidemiologist’.

  3. Chris Snowdon: How is sociology not a Mickey Mouse subject? Even anthropologists look down on it.

  4. Just remember that the prefix “social” negates the meaning of whatever it qualifies.

    So whatever a social geographer is, he certainly isn’t a geographer.

  5. How does a social geographer differ from a sociologist or a demographer? I can see that sociology CAN be a rigorous discipline, and demography likewise. But social geography? Bizarre.

    David Thompson’s link is definitely worth a read. Beautifully crafted and nuanced prose that makes me laugh out loud. Enjoy.

  6. A geographer that can’t read a map; knows nothing of where and why, only how, people live; thinks the Earth may be flat, because that’s how it looks; thinks climate is weather; knows the sun goes around the Earth.

  7. sackcloth and ashes

    IIRC from my A Level days, physical geography involved plate tectonics, glaciers, river systems, weather/climate etc.

    Human geography involved population, theories on development, agricultural patterns, urbanisation etc.

    Don’t know what the fuck ‘social geography’ is. Maybe it belongs to the same field of pseudo-disciplines as post-colonial studies, gender studies, ‘critical theory’ etc.

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