Naomi Wolf doesn\’t do numbers apparently

This trend has accelerated as US public education has been cut to the bone – losing $258m in federal grant money in 2011-12 –

$250 million isn\’t even a rounding error in an $800 billion budget.

For the vast majority of education spending in the US comes from local taxes: most often property taxes in a particular county or city provide the revenues for the schools in that district. With some top ups from State and Federal coffers to be sure.

As to cutting to the bone, how about these numbers?


That\’s inflation adjusted to 2005 dollars.

In the last 22 years the total education budget for the US has roughly doubled. Even taking Baumol into account it\’s very difficult to see that as \”cut to the bone\”. Especially as that is only public spending, does not include any private spending at all.

But then I guess pretty feminists don\’t have to worry about anything as patriarchal as facts or numbers, do they?

7 thoughts on “Naomi Wolf doesn\’t do numbers apparently”

  1. That would be 1/32 of 1%.

    If that’s cutting to the bone, it’s interesting to consider how little Naomi must ask her beautician to take off the top when she gets a haircut . . .

  2. JuliaM: as I have heard it, American children believe that they are the best educated in the world — I mean each of them, individually. Whereas they are, in fact, out-performed on most metrics except brazen self-confidence by South Korean children, among others.

  3. The $258m is a reduction in federal grant money to North Carolina; it’s not the whole of the USA.

    The issue is not that the federal education budget has been cut, but that the additional stimulus money for education (about $100bn of it) has come to an end. States have been using it to make up for State-level budget cuts.

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