Never let the inspectors and regulators be competitors

Animal sanctuaries closing under pressure from the RSPCA
A growing number of animal sanctuaries are closing due to an inability to cope with an increase in abandoned pets and growing bureaucratic pressure from the RSPCA.

It\’s a classic problem.

The RSPCA run a lot of animal centres/sanctuaries.

The RSPCA inspect all the others too (I think they\’ve even got legal rights of entry etc now?).

You\’ve got to be pretty naive to believe that the second won\’t get a little warped (to put it mildly) in favour of the first.

The way around this little conflict is simply to split the organisation. As it is a private organisation there\’s no power to do that: so take away its legal privileges instead. Place them somewhere else if it\’s felt that someone does need to have them.

7 thoughts on “Never let the inspectors and regulators be competitors”

  1. “The RSPCA run a lot of animal centres/sanctuaries.”

    Erm, no they don’t. Try finding one if you have a sick or injured animal. In my town (pop 150,000+) there nearest RSPCA animal care centre is 40 miles away.

    The RSPCA are not an animal care charity, they are a campaigning and political organisation. They are a classic case of the middle class takeover – stop doing the actual stuff that helps animals, and instead sit in nice offices having meetings about policy, and campaigns, and PR, and fund raising.

    If you want people who actually want to help animals get involved with organisations such as the Blue Cross, the Cats Protection League and local animal sanctuaries. They are the ones doing the nitty gritty caring for sick and abandoned animals.

    The RSPCA don’t care. If they did they would provide funding from their millions to local sanctuaries to get them up to scratch. Instead they close them down. They did exactly that locally to me. Local chap had run a sanctuary for years, probably was struggling for funds, RSPCA inspected him, said he was mistreating the animals, closed him down, despite lots of local support for the guy, and all the good work he had done in the past.

    They are downright evil. Never give them a penny.

  2. This is, sadly, not news to anyone who has been reading the papers…

    First comes the threat of prosecution, then comes the compromise if you just agree to everything they ask for.

    It’s why I will never, ever, ever give them a single penny of my money.

  3. think you will find that alot of these local rescue centres are licensed by the council and often the council officers call in the rspca to help assist… bottom line is that all charities are at bursting point.. but they also need to be able to know their limits, after all just coz they take in unwanted animals doesnt mean that they are exempt from the animal welfare act!!

  4. Any time anyone use the excuse that the ends justify the means is the time when they have lost the argument.

    During cross examination, defense barrister Mr Thomas Derbyshire asked Chief Inspector John Paul : “Are you telling this court that you encourage your staff to flagrantly disregard civil and legal rights in the pursuit of your ends?” Chief Inspector Paul replied: “My duty is to look after the animals, and if that involves infringing people’s civil or legal rights then so be it. The animals cannot defend themselves so we have to do it for them.”

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