Not sure about this at all

Homophobia: at last we\’re learning to cherish difference

There is heartening evidence that we are becoming more tolerant of people\’s sexual orientation

The second line is obviously true. The first may or may not be: but it isn\’t what we need to be doing anyway.

Whether we want to be talking about sexual orientation as a choice (which it is, sometimes*) or something innate (which it is, sometimes) the duty is not upon me, as a good little liberal, to cherish either the choice being made or the way God made us all. It\’s also not to celebrate, applaud, affirm or congratulate.

It is to tolerate….and in certain circumstances even defend….but there is no duty at all to cherish.

Indeed, moving a little wider than just sex, there may be people out there doing things that I find deeply repugnant but as long as it\’s all consenting adults with no horses being frightened it is my duty to tolerate their actions.

But no cherish, no.



*Look, the mere existence of bisexuality, where people make a choice about which sex they sleep with, shows this.

5 thoughts on “Not sure about this at all”

  1. For whom truth is what is demanded accepted as such by his ultimate authority: if it isn’t forbidden it’s mandatory! Here in Scandinavia we’re on the road to there: I searched for some information on the web pages of Oslo University a couple of years back, and was greeted by a picture of two males kissing – it turned out to be “homosexuality sensitization week” and everyone was greeted with that picture, so as to learn to find it “cherish-able” I guess.

  2. I tolerate homophobia but I ‘celebrate’ and ‘cherish’ its demise. What’s wrong with celebrating social change that moves in the direction of our own prejudices? I celebrate that the internet has brought us a resurgence of classical liberalism and I’m sure you would too.

    I used to be a homophobe but luckily the 2010 Equality Act came into force and I was cured! Miraculous! [/sarcasm]

  3. I’ve been tolerant of poovery ever since I learned that it existed. And my parents before me. So lay off the “we”, shit-for-brains Tox-Dadger.

  4. Best stick to economics Timmy.

    You are confusing sexuality with sexual activity: like confusing hunger with eating.

    You can choose what and when you eat or even whether you eat, but you cannot choose whether or not to be hungry.

    Nobody chooses their sexual orientation but they can chose what sex to have sex with and when.

    Even the Church – forsooth – gets that, so they say you can help wanting it, just don’t do it.

    There is plenty of evidence of homosexuals living in heterosexual relationships and producing children, but that does not mean they chose to change their sexual orientation – they just changed their sexual behaviour to meet social standards. (Many engage in homosexual activity in public lavatories and behind the bushes anyway.)

    Bisexuals find both sexes attractive, they do not suddenly stop finding one sex attractive to have sex with the other, then revert by choice to go back to the original plan.

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