Oh dear Ken

Richard Murphy, an accountant and campaigner against tax avoidance, said: “If he’s recorded the staff time as a donation to the Labour party, I can’t see how that can be an allowable expense.”

We know that Ritchie is, how to put this, somewhat partisan, so when he turns on a fellow leftie then it\’s safe to conclude that the offence is in fact glaring, not an either way sort of thing.

9 thoughts on “Oh dear Ken”

  1. Erm, no. You’re forgetting the fact that Richie is an ignorant fuckwit, and therefore quite likely to be wrong on any issue.

    (no idea what the actual case is here – although I’d expect Ken’s actual accountant, who will have set up these arrangements, to be better-aware of current tax law than Gilligan or Murphy…)

  2. Philip Scott Thomas

    …better-aware of current tax law than Gilligan…

    I should think so. How aware of British tax law would a castaway on a desert isle be?

  3. I’m not a KL fan but of course there is no evidence that Livingstone has claimed it as a deductible expense.

    Given that the non-cash donation was made in the last quarter of 2011 the corporation tax wouldn’t be due untl Oct 2012 anyway.

  4. But don’t accountants make a living from turning glaring offences into an either-way sort of thing? May be that’s why the Left’s favourite book-keeper prefers punditry.

  5. The issue is that he has paid these people from a private company account but has NOT declared it as an expense.

    Plus he wants to hang people who don’t pay their fair share while he himself avoids higher rates of income tax.

  6. That Gilligan article was wonderful – a new definition of the word ‘face’ to mean ‘I’m really hoping he will have to face’.

  7. I am angered by the stupidity of the press saying that Cuddly Ken has substituted 50% tax for 20% tax. He can’t get his hands on it without paying more tax. He may be using the tax system to his advantage, but at least get it right.

    I am greatly exercised by Cuddly Ken saying that he just hands everything over to his accountants. If he can’t understand something as comparatively simple as personal acccounts and taxation, then I sure as hell wouldn’t trust him withanything as complex as London!

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