Our Ritchie\’s sense of self-importance

Via, this tweet:

BBC News is downgrading budget coverage (and my commentary) for French gunman. Is that really appropriate? Isn\’t budget more important?

Seige of Al Qaeda gunman who assassinated Jewish children and French paratroops could not, of course, be more important than Richard J Murphy\’s union sponsored opinions on the minor tax changes announced in Parliament.

Oh no, just not possible, is it?

Ritchie, haven\’t you ever heard the phrase, \”If it bleeds it leads\”?

27 thoughts on “Our Ritchie\’s sense of self-importance”

  1. If it bleeds, it leads?

    Ritchie wants to lead. I am sure there are those happy to arrange that for him…

  2. “Ritchie, haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “If it bleeds it leads”?”

    Well, there’s one way for Ritchie to get some limelight, then!

    Oh. Wait. DEATH THREAT!!!

  3. I wonder if a budget by the snot gobbler would have been moved lower down?

    It may have been a good excuse for the BBC to belittle the coalition again.

  4. I equate his utterances with Baroness Ashton’s. She said that the deaths of children in Toulouse are the same as the deaths of children in Gaza. Tasteless to the extreme and shows the “progressives” for what they really are.

  5. I’m beginning to feel sorry for him. It’s quite clear that this man has a narcissistic personality disorder.

    The feeling of self importance – and grandeur. The inability to acknowledge, let alone engage with, any reasoned/reasonable argument that shatters the constructs of his own ivory tower. The ease with which he can skip over his own failed arguments when exposed. The ease at which black becomes white. The demonisation of anyone who questions his world view.

    Poor man needs help and support.

  6. Observe another tweet from the great man three hours later. The key bit is the second sentence:

    “Quite funny that both right wingers have now fled Moral Maze studio rather than wait to listen to end. But that’s being self centred I guess.”

    Not sure whether he’s referring to the right wingers or himself, but good to know the words “self-centred” are in his vocabulary after all.

  7. A public comment like that from a politician, *not of the left*, would be potentially career ending.

  8. Isn’t the bigger question why the BBC is using him for commentary? Was it to balance the other far-left people covering it?

  9. Compare and contrast:
    Nov 21 Graham Aaronson QC’s report for HM Treasury on the desirability of a General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) for the UK is published this morning, and I warmly welcome it.
    There are two reasons for me saying that. First, in the days when Vince Cable and I used to talk he was quite a fan of my work, and as a result he and Matthew [Lord] Oakeshott put this idea, for which I had campaigned hard, into the LibDem manifesto on 2010. From there it went into the Coalition agreement and so I might, I think, fairly claim a small credit for the fact that this issue has reached this stage.
    Second, and in the interests of full disclosure it is only fair to record I met Graham Aaronson twice during the course of his work, doing so on behalf of the TUC who I advise on tax. I did as a result have a chance to read drafts of this report and to input into the process, and both appreciated that opportunity and Graham’s receptiveness to ideas, many of which he took on board

    The government appears to have endorsed Aaranson’s GAAR, making claim in the process that it is serious about tackling tax avoidance. Unfortunately the two claims are not really compatible. Aaranson’s GAAR will not tackle almost any of the recent high profile tax avoidance issues that have reached the press and rightly attracted outrage

  10. And just so you know, I and not Mr. Murphy invented penicillin,
    negotiated the end to the 2nd WW,
    and I can humbly say that my contribution to theoretical nano-physical gastronomy will make human happiness a real possibility in the future.

    I also pay tax and I don’t have a problem with my ego. Yah boo sucks!

  11. It would be interesting to see what former employees of his or his fellow partners made of him as a person.

    If anyone has worked with him in practice, do tell us.

  12. Shows that his obsession is not tax at all. Ritchie is really part of the ‘look-at’me’ X-Factor set.

    Doesn’t matter what he’s saying as long as everyone’s looking.

  13. Ritchie is really part of the ‘look-
    at’me’ X-Factor set.

    So how long before a sex tape hits the Internet?

  14. With each passing day and comment of his, the smug fat tax twat’s face gets just that little bit more punchable.

  15. So how long before a sex tape hits the Internet?

    That’s even more revolting a thought than the X-Factor. Although I do appreciate Rule 34 applies.

    That’s not encouragement for any of you to go about following Rule 35. Dr M isn’t entirely reprehensible for the idiot she’s married.

  16. JT

    From what I’ve heard, narcissistic personality disorder isn’t treatable from a therapeutic point of view. Basically because narcissists’ fundamental belief is that they are perfect, so there is nothing to treat. As with the lightbulb joke, so with narcissists…..”how many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb? One, but the lightbulb has to want to change….”

  17. So Much For Subtlety

    Surreptitious Evil – “That’s not encouragement for any of you to go about following Rule 35. Dr M isn’t entirely reprehensible for the idiot she’s married.”

    I think Ritchie’s sex tape is more likely to involve himself alone than another human being. Wife or not. After all, who could he love more than himself?

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