Pankaj Mishra: Nice try dearie

Apparently Hindu on Moslem sectarian violence in India is to be blamed on globalisation.

Nothing to do with the burning to death of a train carriage full of Hindus immediately preceding the riots, nothing to do with the long simmering (some 500 years or so) arguments over the Ayodhya mosque/temple and nothing to do with the, erm, millennium or more of Hindu/Moslem violence and arguments.

Nope, globalisation is to blame.

If some local tosser tried to argue that where we buy out lentils from caused the 7/7 bombings then even The Guardian would laugh rather than publish it. Ms. Mishra seems to get a pass as she\’s writing from foreign and the Brit lefties are ever so gullible about foreign.

7 thoughts on “Pankaj Mishra: Nice try dearie”

  1. The condescending use of “dearie” would be bad enough if Mishra was a woman, but in fact, as the photo in The Guardian shows, he is a man. A wanker, I grant you, but a male one.

  2. Funny how those usually portrayed as losers in globalisation are normally people unable to interact with the global economy.

    Those in India actually impacted by globalisation are too busy to burn down mosques, they have jobs to go to.

  3. He actually undermined his argument anyway when he noted that in the “era of globalisation”, reports of bloody massacres broadcast instantly around the world are bad for business.

  4. Tim: You seem to have spent no more time reading the article than admiring the writer’s facial hair. It doesn’t say that globalization caused the riots. It says that:
    – Narendra Modi is a powerful man who encouraged the rioting. He is popular with some of India’s leading industrialists, so it is not true that the new wealth is bringing new leadership that will put an end to such conflict.
    – Anti-Muslim violence did not end with the riots in 2002. On the contrary, it has continued, abetted by “strongmen who…tend to be audacious free-marketeers”.
    – Extreme inequality resulting from globalization has made poor areas more exposed to anti-Muslim violence.

  5. And of course, blatant jihadist attacks such as the semi-state-supported bombings and shootings in Bombay have nothing to do with any subsequent Hindu-on-Muslem violence.

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