Petronella\’s Lament

Compare and contrast.

Apologies, I can\’t remember who said it but the worst thing that Boris ever did to her wasn\’t the shagging, the dumping, the driving for an abortion, it was publishing her.

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  1. “I met such figures as Margaret Thatcher, Kingsley Amis, Tom Stoppard and Norman Lamont”

    Now a lot of us on here can get quite interested in tax and public finances.

    But would any of us list Lamont in with those other three as great figures to have met?

  2. She’s talking pish.

    There are lots of women in my workplace and in most cases I have no idea whether they’re childless or not – nor does it matter.

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Surely neither of them, but especially Petronella, gets the basic problem – as the internet meme goes, men age like wine (although pretty horrible wine in Lawson’s case), women age like milk.

    She could have used her valuable years to find a decent man and have a reasonable family life. She chose to do something else (God forbid I would not want to use the same language as Rush Limbaugh). Her sexual value is now marginal.

    He on the other hand invested his younger years when no one much wanted him well – finding a nice wife, having a family and building a career. In his later years he finds that women like him even more than when he was a spotty teenager.

    So far so tragic for Petronella. She should have listened to her grandmother and chosen otherwise. Having made her choices, I don’t see why we should be forced to suffer for it by being made to listen to her.

  4. I don’t think anyone is disqualified from sympathy by having made their own poor choices. But the mixture of name-dropping and whining is singularly unappealing. And she is a remarkably bad writer: “sufficient unto the day thereof”??

    However, no one is forced to read her stuff. I wish I hadn’t.

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    PaulB – “I don’t think anyone is disqualified from sympathy by having made their own poor choices.”

    No, but someone ought to show some self awareness of how they have dug the hole they are in. If they do, they deserve sympathy. If they don’t, then sympathy is simply enabling their destructive behaviour. They should not be rewarded for screwing up any more than you should reward a puppy for pissing on the carpet.

    “And she is a remarkably bad writer: “sufficient unto the day thereof”??”

    Which considering the educational and social advantages she has had is remarkable.

    “However, no one is forced to read her stuff. I wish I hadn’t.”

    The question is why does anyone publish her. I have been working towards a theory that there is actually a vast plot by old fashioned men in the newspaper business to convince everyone that votes for women was a mistake. Even if that is a little extreme, I think that newspapers have become a modern form of Bedlam where we pay to marvel at the antics of the mentally ill. Or at least that seems to be the basis on which far too many women are published.

  6. And it’s a bit rich that she’s complaining about being childless given that every time one of her paramours got her up the stick she had it fished out. She doesn’t do herself any favours with her glum divagations on how beastly men are. I don’t know why, but when I think about poor spinster Petsy I always get an image of Frances de la Tour from Rising Damp.

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