Political discourse in the modern age

Received an interesting email this morning. From a union funded editor of a major political website. It\’s an incredible insight into the standards of current political discourse in this country.

You\’re an idiot.

Laurence Durnan
Editor, Political Scrapbook
Voted #2 left wing blog 2011-12 for Total Politics magazine

Yes laydeezn\’gennlemn, the eight year olds have taken over.

24 thoughts on “Political discourse in the modern age”

  1. On the other hand, Tim, I’d be more pleased to read your writings if you didn’t use rather similar language yourself.

    If you’d just sit sit back and read each one of your posts before hitting “send”, and if you find the word “twat”, you’d rephrase it with something more cunning and evil. It would be so much more enjoyable.

    I mean, I think you are usually right, but saying it with slightly less confrontation and slightly more sarcasm and humor would work better.

  2. What, and lose his title of “undisputed King of the Internet Pedants and Lord of the Unnecessary Snark”?

  3. He may be an idiot, but he’s our idiot.

    But the best thing about the idiot is that I can call him an twat without the cunt moderating me.

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  5. The message is clear and the grammar and spelling are correct. This puts it ahead of a large proportion of the lefty blogosphere. Remember, baby steps.

  6. Are you not being a little harsh? It’s not as if he were wittily pretending to recommend his political enemies be hung from lamposts, is it.

    P.S. Was that the whole of his email? If so, then infantile or inebriated, for sure.

  7. Very good. I notice that you didn’t publish your email to me, to which my three-word email was a response.

    Could this be because refusing to apologise for gloating over an assault *does* make you look an idiot?

    FROM: Tim Worstall

    As and when Cormac apologises for the complete bastardy of any economic analysis he made in that post I complained about then I’ll at least consider apologising for calling him thicker than pig shite.

    If he, you, the site, aren’t prepared to apologise for that assault on the nations demand for entire idiocy then we’ve not much to discuss, do we?

    Because, let’s face it. What he actually said, in pursuit of political ends, was either entirely ignorant gobshite of complete lying, wasn’t

    Your call now

  8. That didn’t sound sweary and ranty. It sounded quite restrained, actually, as well as reasonably succinct.

  9. So, Laurence, you didn’t actually answer any of the points that Tim made in his email, made a three word ad hominem attack and left it at that. Who’s the idiot now?

  10. Insult someone without refuting any of the points made and then claim victory.
    It is often said debating the left is like playing a pigeon at chess, they knock over the pieces, shit on the board and then strut around like they won.
    Laurence, you are not helping the analogy.

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  12. Laurence Durnan,

    Do you know the idiom ‘knock some sense into someone’?

    I see no gloating over the attack. The ‘rant’ is about Hollingsworth’s economic stupidity in comparison to Hollingsworth’s claimed areas of expertise and the very report he was using to support his argument not that Hollingsworth was attacked.

    I did not take the comment at the end about the BNP fisticuffs to in any way suggest that it was good that the attack happened. What makes you think it does read that way?

  13. Tim: this is why you should have withdrawn your remarks about the assault. Having stood by them, you’ve given up the chance of a debate on the substantive economic issue.

  14. I witnessed the usual losers on Twatter celebrate and joke when Eric Joyce assaulted two Members of Parliament. And now this insignificant speck of a website wants to dictate a civility code based on a fruity metaphor?

    Larry Durnan and his crap blog can piss off down a deep, dark hole.

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