Privatising the police

They do not include those that involve the power of arrest and the other duties of a sworn constable.

Oh, so they\’re not in fact privatising the police.

Back to sleep then.

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    It is a pathetic statement about our government though. It takes 40 pence in every pound and cannot even manage to catch criminals. It has to out source such work to the private sector.

    Hanging is too good for them.

  2. “Privatisation means that the police will be less accountable to the public. ”

    Is that actually possible?

    Look, a security patrol company that you’re paying every week are going to stick to the fundamentals: walking around, watching loiterers, stopping actual crime. They might prefer to raid brothels, harass photographers or threaten people with public order offenses if they don’t remove a legal expression about a religion, but the fact is that the people who pay them would rather they stuck to what they do.

    We know why most people report a burglary: because they have to, or their insurance company won’t pay out.

  3. As the police service is constituted, each police authority is, nominally, autonomous and with local political oversight. This is supposed to be reinforced from November this year with the introduction of directly elected Police & Crime Commissioners, at least in England. Funding is from both the Home Office and local rates, roughly 50/50. It would seem to me that if the local feeling ran high against outsourcing that the Government of the day might be hard pushed to get the local, soon to be elected, police authority to comply. Brute force would work by the removal of funding etc. but why give local representation and then impose central direction. Oh! Wait, this is business as usual.

  4. We know why most people report a burglary: because they have to, or their insurance company won’t pay out.

    That was the sole reason I reported a buglary when I was done over in Manchester. I might has well have been emailed a crime number automatically for all the use the police were.

  5. Got a nice little bit of news last week, though it would be good to share with y’all.
    I’m close to a 1000€ better off.
    Back in the summer of 2009 I’d a caravan parked on a site a way north of Valencia. Whilst it was unattended it was broken into a laptop & other stuff went walkies. Some very helpful Spanish folk next door spotted the thief leaving & when the police arrived were able to provide a description. I had to make a statement ( a denouncement as it’s known down here) at the town police HQ the next day & as far as I was concerned, that’d be that.
    C’ept it turned out it wasn’t.
    Round about the middle of 2010 I got a phone call from the Spanish police in Sagunto. About my burglary. Now it so happens , I now live in Spain. But at the time of the robbery the police had two bits of info. My then French address & the registration details of my British registered towing car. My Spanish fone was amongst the items stolen so they didn’t have a current number.
    So enquiries seem to have been made of the police in the two countries.
    The UK police called at the address & enquired about my whereabouts. The current occupants, of course did not know. They were told the Spanish police ‘were looking for me’ but the officer left no contact details or reference numbers & a call to the local station got a ‘dunno nuffink about nuffink’ .
    The French Gendarme (rural France) did the same but was bright enough to leave his contact details & a reference number.
    Now at my end, I learn the Sagunto police have been trying to find me. I’m pretty sure I don’t remember robbing any banks that way so looks likely it might be about the robbery. Trouble was, being accustomed to the way UK plod operates I haven’t bothered to keep any of the crime paperwork & my Spanish won’t cope with a complicated phone call. However my French friends phone the Gendarmerie & pass my new Spanish phone number to them. Hence, in due course, the call.
    Gets better. Early 2011 I have to swear an affidavit at our local court regarding the items stolen. Just before Xmas I receive a summons to attend court to give videolink evidence in a trial in early January up in Valencia. Now I’ve got the result. Guy got 9 months, reduced because he’s agreed to pay compensation to the victim & paid the sum into court.
    Moral to the story:
    It’s not private police you need but police that actually do what you’re paying them to.

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