Quick accounting question

How many words are there on a page of Tolley\’s guide to UK taxation?

5 thoughts on “Quick accounting question”

  1. Multiplied by 14000 pages gives you 14m words of which probably only 1m is the amount actually required to write out a fair and simple taxation system.

  2. That may be for the general Tolley’s Tax Guide … but if you want the doozie, it’s got to be Tolley’s VAT. Typically 40+ lines at 15 words each … that’s 600 minimum per page, times 2065 pages (plus another 112 for the legislative references tables and index).

    Oh, and there’s two of them every year. 2.5m words.

  3. Ouch. I really shouldn’t be hauling volumes of Tolley’s around with my bad back.

    Should I blame Tim or the generations of ‘something must be done’/’look at how generous I am with your money’ politicians and civil servants?

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