Ritchie and sources

I’m aware that there’s an advertorial in here, but it also looks properly sourced, so I thought it worth sharing

Here\’s an interesting discussion of his source.

Err, yeah.

5 thoughts on “Ritchie and sources”

  1. I think Ritchie has just been torn to shreds – yet again. You would have thought that the guy might have learnt to keep his gob shut and have people think him to be stupid rather than open and prove it.

  2. I’m very surprised Richie didn’t quote a long term study, recently concluded, where 650 selected individuals were given the opportunity to self report on their out of pocket expenses & second home allowances. Preliminary finding seem to indicate that the number who described themselves as identifying with the poor & were willing to risk imprisonment……….

  3. That’s a good post. Abuse of statistics is endemic, particularly from the left…. er… from the BBC:


    Apparently, the NHS is not the largest employer in the world. But. When you consider the population of the countries involved:

    US Dep of Defense 3.2 million employees
    China, Army, 2.3 million employees
    UK, NHS, 1.7 million employees

    US population 320 million
    China 1300 million
    UK, 60 million

    Seems to me, without even having to dig out my calculator, that, per capita, the NHS is by far the biggest employer. But hey, it’s the BBC, it’s what they do.

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