Ritchie\’s stopped even pretending now, hasn\’t he?

Remember the 10p tax fiasco, or his 0% corporation tax rate for small companies? Both were simplifications or apparent giveaways that went badly wrong.

Oh, indeed. And who was it who wrote the canonical article about how to take advantage of this in a manner clearly not intended by Parliament nor within the spirit of the law?


Oh my, I believe it was Richard Murphy, the author of this very piece!

Now as we\’ve been told by the Great Man before the piece was written to show how appalling this potential abuse was so that it could be closed down.

Which is why said Great Man was using this very scheme himself for his own income up until at least the 2007 tax year.

Ho Hum.

\”Tax has been the elephant politicians have walked around for far too long. If the left wants to win next time they have to take the issue seriously now. That means, first, investing money in this issue; \”

Snigger. Looks like a job application to me. For who currently gets paid to write most of the papers on the left\’s potential methods of taxation? Who would end up collecting some portion of that greater investment?

Answers on a postcard to The Old Orchard, Downham Market please.

2 thoughts on “Ritchie\’s stopped even pretending now, hasn\’t he?”

  1. I only wish I had his selective memory, capcity of spewing out(self-confessed) ill-thought out ‘thoughts’ and brazen self-belief. I would be a lot richer than I am.

    How can anybody who so clearly does not know his subject get himself so much public attention? Nobody is pushing him, he does it himself. I suppose that much you have to admire.

    If I had a child who was a bit on the slow-side (my 3 are all’ brilliant’ actually, take after their mother) I’d use Mr. M. as an example of how to triumph when you don’t have the intellectual means.

    It would be laughable if it weren’t frightening.

  2. Remember his analysis of the guardians effective tax rate wher he “forgot” about substantial shareholdings exemption……. He had to back track rather quickl on that one

    Never seen a less well informed self proclaimed “tax expert”

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