So that blows the tax gap calculations then doesn\’t it?

British businesses could save billions of pounds if they claimed full tax relief on the commercial properties they own, according to City experts.

While some might be doing some tax dodging others aren\’t in fact claiming the allowances that Parliament deliberately put into the tax law and are therefore paying too much in tax.

Which rather screws up those calculations of the size of the tax gap, doesn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “So that blows the tax gap calculations then doesn\’t it?”

  1. Large companies pay next-to-nothing, SMEs get shafted. Is there actually anyone in the entire world who wouldn’t have predicted that?

  2. Interesting that poverty campaigners and the Pollys of this world correctly point out that benefit fraud is lower than the amount of benefits that should be claimed but isn’t – and then fail to realise that the same applies to paying and avoiding tax.

    Just imagine how screwed UK finances would be if everyone took the Ken Livingstone approach and fully minimised their taxes.

  3. “Large companies pay next-to-nothing, SMEs get shafted.”

    Thanks for that concise summary of the article that is inaccurate in only two places. It doesn’t say SMEs get shafted and it doesn’t mention how much large companies pay.

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