So, this One Direction lot

Simon Cowell, of course.

But if they keep doing this to the music press then they\’re going to go a long, long, way.

Two days later I receive an email: Thanks so much for the DVD – incredibly thoughtful of you. We all watched it last night and it was really interesting. We didn\’t realise quite how cheeky they were so I think we will definitely be borrowing some of their lines!

We can really relate to how they must have been feeling coming over here and much like us, having your band mates around keeps us all grounded and makes the madness a little easier to deal with. That said, it\’s a very surreal time (amazing but surreal!) for us and for anyone to even suggest a comparison between us and the Beatles is extraordinarily humbling and we\’re so grateful to be here and have this opportunity. Thanks again for the dvd and coming out to see us. 1D x

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  1. Vitamin B12 shots to the buttocks – didn’t Maggie have those to keep her going too? (B-vitamins are of course a key component of energy drinks such as Red Bull.)

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