So what did I say about fuel tanks and petrol stocks?

Fuel strike: pumps go dry as ministers provoke a panic

Umm, didn\’t I mutter something about the fuel tanks of the car fleet possibly holding more than the wholesale system itself?

Yes, I saw the comments about strategic reserves but they are of crude, not refined products.

So, Timmy 2 Cameron 0 here I think. I get one extra just for not being a Tory.

11 thoughts on “So what did I say about fuel tanks and petrol stocks?”

  1. As Matthew L pointed out on your previous post – this is very much the equivalent of the govt recommending stockpiling cash to prevent a bank run. Big surprise.

  2. “Interesting that it was a codger-driven panic.”

    They might have been worried about restricted rationing for pensioners because they’ve obviously already had a lot of petrol during their worryingly long lives. Similarly, there will be special restrictions on higher-rate taxpayers because. Just because.

  3. I am waiting for stamp rationing to come in when people start mass-buying stamps before the price rise copmes in to effect

  4. Massive queue at the petrol station this morning. Majority of people were codgers filling up their tanks to the max. The remainder were women, also filling up their tanks to the max. Ridiculous.

    (Oh, and no I wasn’t filling up the tank because the Government told me to. I didn’t have enough petrol to get to work. So there.)

  5. Last night my local garage cunningly nipped out and put “sorry, run out” signs on the standard petrol and diesel, and were doing a roaring trade in the premium versions.

  6. Just got back from a lunch beyond Warminster, using the A36. I have used this road regularly since the 1960’s and I have NEVER seen so little traffic. We could run for minutes at a time without seeing anything in either direction. Took me right back…

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