The horror, the horror

\”These figures are a shocking reminder of the divide between the housing haves and have nots in this country,\” Campbell Robb, the chief executive of Shelter, said.

\”Amid growing economic gloom and rising unemployment, increasing numbers of ordinary families are falling victim to our housing crisis. Some may be priced out of the housing market, forced to bring up their families in a revolving door of private let after private let.\”

Fancy that, people having to renew a contractual relationship?

5 thoughts on “The horror, the horror”

  1. So about 130 applicants per local authority then.

    Given that being homeless is the best way to jump the council house waiting list I’m surprised it’s not more.

  2. Rather exposes the notion that the political parties, notably the Cons, are keen to advance homeownership (which is, in fact, declining).What are the shitheads going to offer instead now we’ve hit peak homeownership?Bit of a facer for some very lazy, going-on corrupt,politicians who’ve abided by the simple maxim :bribe the electorate with high house prices and you’ve got it made.

  3. Recently I hired a car for a couple of days. I didn’t agree with all the terms, but because the car hire companies have an oligopoly I was unable to negotiate the exact terms that I wanted. You could replace “car hire company” with bank, phone company, and many others. Even employers are reluctant to vary their standard terms & conditions of employment.

    Landlords and letting agents are no different. In theory everyone is free to negotiate a contract. In practice there is a standard, the 6 or 12-month Assured Shorthold Tenancy, and very few will vary from it. For the landlord or agent it’s rarely worth the hassle, particularly if another less picky tenant is available a week later. For the tenant, who will usually be poorer, less educated, and time-pressured to move house, they are simply unable to negotiate. After all if the negotiation breaks down, the tenant is left homeless.

  4. I think it’s fair to note that if you have children it isn’t very pleasant moving house and school continually.

  5. I think it’s fair to note that if you have children it isn’t very pleasant moving house and school continually.

    You could have stopped after “pleasant”.

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